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Sichuan Union Technology Co., Ltd.

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Technological innovation is the pursuit of BLSS


Let's use excellent equipment and excellent technology,
Perfect service to achieve our promise: help you continue to succeed!



Party B voluntarily serves as one of Party A's provincial model projects in the province where Party B is located and enjoys the following policies...


Due to our strong cooperation with Sichuan University, scientific research institutes and science and technology departments in 2020, our products are constantly innovated...


Hello everyone! To change the current situation of "high power consumption cost per ton, poor adaptability of raw materials, unstable quality index and serious dependence on people" of equipment of packing strap manufacturers in all provinces, ……


On October 30, 2020, Zhou Shubing, General Manager of Sichuan BailianShengshi Technology Co., Ltd., and Wang Yuanhui, Director of Ziyang Science and Technology Bureau, went to Sichuan University to reach an agreement on cooperation again for joint improvement of technologies in the following aspects……


On August 28, 2020, Sichuan BailianShengshi Technology Co., Ltd. launched the remarkable service of "Six Guarantees and Two Fee Waivers". It brings brand-new services to the enterprises that produce packing straps, solves all the worries of customers……

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